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"DomoINK" is an art & accessories retail business popping up in artwalks and festivals up and down Southern California. The brand targets are young and old with a merchandise mix of original artwork along with women's and men's fashion accessories and jewelry.


"DomoINK" was founded as an outlet for Domonique to push herself as an illustrator, designer, and marketing individual to see if she can set herself apart from others in the art world. 


Pop-up Shop.

 DomoINK is more than just selling earrings and pins. DomoINK, as a store, allows me to be able to display my artwork in different cities as I pursue trying to get my artwork in more and more homes. The accessories bring the crowds in and the artwork keeps them inside of the booth. 

DomoINK on Etsy. Established in 2018, Ended in 2019. This store was set up to challenge me as a marketer and graphic designer. I wanted to put my education to the test. Can I run a store? Can I make sure it is successful? I ended up answering all those questions with a yes. 


The experiment was to test how customers responded to packaging, branding, and levels of customer service. Below is a sample of the results. I wanted to "perfect" a strategy of how to run an online store before I launched my own store this year on this website.


At store closing, DomoINK on Etsy profited over $15,000 in less than 4 months. The store had a 5-star rating with over 100 reviews. Why close such a profitable and successful store?


I closed the store early 2019 to be able to focus on my last MBA courses, jumpstart as a freelancer, and let DomoINK be an independent brand.


The experience taught me that if I can run a store on Etsy, what is stopping me from truly having my own ecommerce store? Nothing.

To make my Etsy store profitable, I used keywords in the titles of every listing. That alone brought in the orders. One or two orders a day is good. But, if you want more, you must build customer loyalty. Place a coupon in every order you mail out. Tell customers to hashtag your company on social media and offer 20% off on their next order. Little things like this add up. 


Speaking on social media, I would post every week advertising the store, directly and indirectly, to bring in more customers. Below are some of the advertisements I posted on my instagram, @snoopdoggydom.

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